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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why do we have to feel bad for being ourselves?

Most people don't understand what homosexuals go through when "coming out". It is not something we desire to do, until we are 100% ready. No matter how gays and the people around them act upon the situation, they all react the same in a way. It is a extremely emotional state in their lives when a homosexual has to confront family, friends, or loved ones about this topic. It can cause people to change in many ways, and although they know deep down they are what they are and they can't do anything about it. We all seem to go through the confusion phase. For example, I have always known who and what I was, but was it that easy for me to except it?

- I have always been attracted to "males" since as far back as I can remember. A few years back I was acting in a musical in downtown phoenix and I met this guy. He was extremely sweet and of course he was gay. I started talking to him and he was the first one to actually know the truth about me. After a while, we started dating and a few weeks in I decided to panic because a few others in the cast had heard about it. From there on I decided that I had to be straight. Not because I wanted to be, but because I HAD to be. Although, no one in my cast would have cared, it was more about my family finding out. I worked at being straight for a few months, and decided to tell some friends that I was bisexual. This in my eyes, was more acceptable but all that really matters is how you feel on the inside and not what other people think.

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